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Lakers-Kings Game 6: the specific calls

by Roland Beech, Founder 82games.com

NBA Game 6 Lakers Kings ref Dick Bavetta NBA Game 6 Lakers Kings Ref Bob Delaney NBA Game 6 Lakers Kings ref Ted Bernhardt The first part of this article, complete with the summarized stats can be seen at Lakers-Kings Game 6 Stats.

This page features the detailed breakouts and evaluation of every call and non-call I deemed worthy of mentioning.


Qtr Time
1 10:22 Kobe drives to hoop misses Vlade on help defense some contact No Call Prob Delaney Sac -0.4
1 10:15 Bibby fouled by Fisher Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
1 10:00 Def 3-second on Webber Call Yes Delaney Lal
1 9:51 Shaq misses some contact w/Vlade No Call Yes all Sac Steve: Happens on the repost getting position further out than he wants on initial post up that's why he's not getting the free throws
1 9:30 Ball knocked OB by Lakers Kings Ball Call Yes Bavetta Sac
1 8:56 Kobe fouled by Webber on offensive rebound Call Yes Delaney Lal Bill: Easy play to call on initial foul but Bernhardt initially signaled jump ball
1 8:56 Technical on Webber Call Prob Delaney Lal 0.25
1 8:48 No call on Christie deflected pass No Call Prob Delaney Sac -0.25
1 8:36 Bibby touch foul if that on Kobe for And1 try Call Dubious Bavetta Lal Bad angle for Bavetta under the basket and Bibby complains vociferously. Bill: If you are Sacramento don't get into it with the refs right now. 0.75
1 8:22 Shaq goaltend on Bibby shot Call Yes Delaney? Sac Bill: Easy play to call
1 7:56 Foul on Shaq as he pushed Bibby OB in right corner Call Yes Bavetta Sac
1 7:54 No call on Divac shot..fox reach in shaq some contect No Call Prob Delaney Sac -0.4
1 7:18 Divac follow up shot no call on foul. Horry flops backwards but wasn't set well at all. Heavy contact No Call Dubious Bernhardt Lal -1.1
1 7:13 Fisher missed layup no call on Turkoglu contact as Fisher winds up on the floor underneath the basket No Call Maybe Bavetta Sac -0.9
1 7:12 Foul on Kobe going for offensive rebound Call Prob Bavetta Sac -0.25
1 6:41 Fox fouls Webber on Fastbreak…contact and flop Call Yes Bernhardt/Bavetta Sac Bill: the team that has taken the most free throws has won every game…you learn anything from that then get to the hoop get to the line.. Steve: Looking back at previous five games the flow was dictated by the Kings. It's obvious that PJ + the Lakers are trying to change that. They are trying to take it to Sac.
1 6:24 Kobe shot blocked by Christie and gives look at ref No Call Prob Bernhardt? Sac ref gestures got ball -0.4
1 6:16 Bibby fouled by Fisher on iso kind of touch foul off dribble Call Maybe Bavetta Sac 0.5
1 5:24 Ball knocked OB on rebound awarded to Kings Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
1 5:11 Foul on Kobe as Webber shoots in post on a reach in some contact Call Prob Delaney Sac 0
1 4:00 Hunter reach in personal foul on Bibby but over limit on drive into paint that stopped Call Maybe Delaney? Sac Bailout on shot clock <3 seconds 1.1
1 3:47 No call on steal of pass into post as Vlade reaches over shaq to deflect No Call Maybe Delaney Sac -0.5
1 3:19 Foul on Divac on pass in to Shaq post position battle (no FT) Call Maybe Delaney Lal Bill on replay: how long in the paint is Adelman's complaint here…123. Hard to see how this is a foul on Vlade who stands behind the mountain moving in to him
1 2:54 Divac offensive foul Call Prob Bavetta Lal Hunter flops and Divac is not happy. Bill on replay: Terrific strategy by sacramento but Hunter does a better job getting underneath -0.25
1 2:11 Shaq called for traveling. Into lane fakes eventually dunks with heavy contact Call Prob Bernhardt Sac Marv: it couts and the foul!…wait a moment…one official (probably bavetta under baseline) says yes and a foul and an outside official says traveling. Bill: Shaq's determined to get to the hoop but Bernhardt is right on top of the play -0.63
1 1:30 And one foul on Pollard Call Yes Bernhardt Lal
1 0:05 Pollard misses shot with Shaq heavy contact…shaq to ground on semi-flop No Call Prob Bavetta/Bernhardt Lal Could go either way so maybe good non call -0.3
1 0:03 Pollard follow up shot is blocked by Shaw with heavy contact over the back No Call Prob Bavetta/Bernhardt Lal before replay Bill: Adelman can not believe what is and what is not a foul as Pollard goes to the hoop. The Kings are irate. As replay rolls Steve: on the road against the defending champions it's going to be difficult to get this call for Pollard Shaq is out in front in the lane. He says he doesn't flop but it looks like he does a Divac imitation here...and then there is a good block from the rear. Bill: What Adelman wants is consistency from the refs. -0.3
2 10:56 Peja shot blocked no foul No Call Prob Bernhardt Lal Peja gets putback so no cost
2 10:15 Webber drive heavy contact on Horry flop no call made fgm so only missing and one chance No Call Prob Bernhardt Lal Marv: as Horry tried to draw the off. Foul -0.15
2 9:41 Peja to hoop fakes and gets George in air draws foul makes basket Call Yes Bavetta Sac
2 9:22 Walker fouled on putback attempt by Pollard Call Prob Bavetta Lal 0.5
2 9:06 Jackson to paint blocked by Walker good no call No Call Prob Bernhardt Lal -0.3
2 8:44 Horry steal from Jackson no foul no call No Call Yes Delaney Lal
2 8:30 Webber to hoop contact no call makes basket No Call Dubious Bavetta Lal only missing and one -0.45
2 7:58 Pollard shot blocked by Walker no call No Call Maybe Bernhardt Lal -0.6
2 7:58 Lakers awarded team defensive rebound No Call Maybe Bernhardt Lal groaning laugh from Bill or Steve -0.5
2 7:20 Monster dunk by Shaq with touch foul on Pollard for the and one Call Prob Bavetta Lal 0.25
2 6:37 Personal foul on Medvedenko Call Yes Bavetta Sac
2 6:28 Personal foul on George Call Maybe Delaney Sac Bill: reach in down low
2 5:18 Double Technical on Vlade and George Call Maybe Bernhardt Lal Bill: I'm not sure what Vlade did wrong there to get a technical
2 5:07 Kobe missed reverse layup claims he got fouled on reach instrip by Christie refs claim he simply lost control of ball no call No Call Dubious Delaney Sac Bill: make a layup please Kobe Marv: he lost possession by himself. Replay shows he gets hit on arm but bad angle for ref -1.2
2 5:03 Webber traveling call Call Yes Delaney Lal
2 4:45 Shaq missed with some contact from Vlade No Call Prob all Sac -0.3
2 4:43 Medvenko loose ball foul after rebound Call Yes Delaney Sac
2 3:46 Turkoglu fouled on spin drove into paint Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
2 3:33 No call on turnover on pass into post No Call Prob Bernhardt Sac Steve: Vlade got away with a push in the back. Bill: one of the rare times you'll see a poor post pass from Horry -0.25
2 2:39 No call on offensive rebound scrum Bibby pushes? No Call Maybe Bernhardt Sac Sac misses follow up
2 2:12 Webber fouls Shaq who makes basket so and one Call Yes Bernhardt Lal
2 1:02 No call on Divac drive to hoop and made fgm with Horry all over him No Call Prob All Lal lost and one chance -0.2
2 0:41 Divac goes to ground after defensive rebound and some contact with Shaq no call No Call Prob Delaney Lal Bill:Sac fans would argue Vlade didn't just fall to the ground by himself…after replay shown…Steve: well there's a lot of people here in hollywood would love to have Vlade come and act for them -0.2
3 11:27 Turkoglu foul after Horry knocks ball loose both go for ball and Turkoglu had better line but pushes Horry out Call Prob Delaney Lal -0.25
3 10:55 Christie knocks ball away from Kobe for steal No Call Yes Bavetta Sac Bill: reach in poke the ball goes clearly off Kobe's leg ...after replay:easy play to call
3 10:30 No call on minor contact on Fox missed shot in paint No Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
3 9:56 Fox fouls Turkoglu Call Yes Delaney Sac Bill: what is Rick Fox thinking on this play?
3 9:33 Fisher personal foul moving bump on Bibby Call Yes Delaney Sac
3 8:03 holding foul on Divac on pass into Shaq in the post Call Maybe Bavetta Lal Lots of contact but often let go. On replay Bill: Shaq works his way there just moving back in moving back in…not a whole lot Vlade can do in that situation
3 8:00 No call on Shaq turnover as double teamed and some contact before ball comes loose No Call Prob Bernhardt Sac -0.25
3 7:35 No call on away from the ball push by Shaq of Webber in the post as he is double teamed to deny No Call Prob all Lal Marv: both O'Neal + Divac fortunate there was not a foul called 0.25
3 7:31 Bryant misses baseline jumper some contact by Turkoglu Kobe looks at Delaney along baseline Call Prob Delaney Sac -0.3
3 7:15 Webber made fg with And1 foul on Shaq Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
3 6:58 no call on Shaq miss in paint some contact with Divac No Call Prob Delaney/Bernhardt Sac -0.3
3 5:45 Christie reach in personal foul Call Yes Delaney Lal
3 5:11 Bibby loses ball after brilliant behind the back pass from Webber with Bibby claiming he was forced ob no call No Call Prob Delaney Lal Steve: Bibby was looking for a call he thought he got bodied. His body language says give me a break at some point. Bill: Not going to be about calls Steve it's going to be who is the best player. Steve: I think calls go in there somewhere. -0.25
3 4:54 bail out foul call on Turkoglu with shot clock running down reach in Call Prob Bavetta Lal Kings upset again 0.25
3 4:28 Bibby drives to hoop gets body contact and maybe hit on arm by Shaq shoots airball and goes down on the ground no call No Call Dubious Bavetta Lal nearby Webber appeals for foul call…later on after Bibby comes back to hit a 3pt Bill: to get knocked to the ground and no foul called on that penetration and then to come right back and throw that dagger. -1.2
3 3:57 No call on lakers turnover despite some contact so possible foul No Call Prob all Sac -0.25
3 3:53 No foul call to get and1 on Christie FB layup some contact and he goes to floor No Call Prob Delaney Lal Bill: what a competitive response by Sacramento they are going to the hoop time and time again they're getting knocked to the floor the whistles are in the pockets of the referees but the shots are going down -0.25
3 3:05 loose ball foul on Divac going over back for a rebound Call Yes Delaney Lal Steve: wekk Shaq had great initial position and Vlade was trying to tip the ball away from him. Shaq a little off balance but got the call to go in his favor
3 2:53 Bibby ruled bad pass turnover but potentially hit on arm by Fisher no call of foul leads to FB the other way No Call Dubious Bavetta Lal Bavetta signals a tip ball but replay shows Fisher may have hit arm not ball. Steve: that was clearly a foul on Fisher that did not get called -1.2
3 2:48 And1 foul on Pollard as Kobe goes to hoop lots of body push Call Prob Bernhardt Lal Steve: they're saying if we don't get the call at this end how can you make the call here as Kobe squeezes in between. Bill: and where was that foul? As compared to the rake across the arm on Bibby? 0.25
3 2:19 Loose ball rebound awarded to Kings ..Kobe does not like call Call Prob Delaney Sac aside comment Steve: Bibby is having a great quarter and you can't let the officials take this confidence away -0.25
3 1:39 Foul on Peja on dbl team with Pollard on Shaq in post with heavy contact from both defenders Call Yes Bavetta Lal Bill: Shaq moves his feet beautifully everybody just hacking down
3 1:25 Blocking foul on Fisher trying to flop on Bibby in right corner dribble move. Lots of contact but Fisher still moving Call Maybe Bavetta Sac Bill while watching replay: Lakers bench up in arms…wanted a traveling violation initially on Bivvy then when he comes in …that's a hard one to call a defensive foul on look to see where his foot is…Nah his foot is inside of Fisher's feet. That's an offensive foul I'm sorry. 0.5
3 0:58 Webber missed fg on spin in post drive no call on heavy Medvedenko contact but gets offensive rebound and putback so no loss No Call Dubious Bernhardt Lal 0
3 0:24 Medvedenko into paint heavy contact on flop by Pollard with no call. Call could go either way so maybe good no call. No Call Prob all Sac? Bill: Pollard is trying to draw offensive fouls rather than playing defense -0.25
4 11:48 Offensive foul on Pollard on moving screen Call Maybe Delaney Lal good angle but seldom called…Steve: well the Kings are going to have to find a way to play through the tough officiating -0.5
4 11:33 Pollard fouls Shaq on post move…some contact but less than most Divac defensive moments Call Dubious Delaney? Lal on replay Bill: Shaq on the move wears Scott Pollard out…Scott's already bailing out on the play…that's not a foul I'm sorry. Steve: Yes but you know one of the problems for Pollard he puts his arms up too sonn which gets him in trouble. 1.2
4 11:00 Peja steps OB Call Yes Delaney Lal great angle for Delaney
4 10:33 Shaq blocks Divac with no foul call No Call Yes Bavetta Lal Clear block on replay
4 10:27 George fouled by Webber on FB Call Yes Bavetta Lal
4 9:57 3-second call on Shaq…quick whistle Call Maybe Bernhardt Sac -0.5
4 9:45 Peja fouled by George after beautiful Webber behind the back pass Call Yes Delaney Sac
4 8:29 Shaq fouled…doubled lots of contact late whistle from outside while Delaney no call underneath Call Prob Bernhardt Lal on replay Bbill: Shaq is wearing them out…but if the officials would keep an eye on the footwork of the big guy I think that's a traveling violation that last move…if they don't call that traveling what's a defender to do? 0.25
4 8:19 Shaq offensive foul with Webber flopping but legitimate push Call Yes Delaney? Sac Notice which defenders get the calls!
4 7:37 Clear path foul on Bobby Jackson on Kobe breakaway Call Yes Bavetta Lal Bill: Forced to grab him
4 6:20 Touch foul on Funderburke prior to high post entry pass Call Prob Delaney Lal little push in back as pass arriving shaq makes 1 of 2 so no real cost 0
4 5:33 Funderburke fouled by Horry non shooting Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
4 5:22 Webber misses layup going into paint on post up with Horry flopping…lots of contact both ways and call could go either way. Webber gets follow up No Call Maybe Delaney Sac Could go either way so maybe good non call
4 4:37 Divac fouled and makes the shot so and1 chance off amazing pass by Webber Call Yes Bavetta Sac
4 4:24 Shaq fouled by Webber on post move as CW doubles Call Yes Bernhardt Lal replay Steve: Shaq spinning in and Webber does get him right on the noggin
4 3:56 Kobe shot blocked by Christie with no foul call with Kobe look to ref No Call Maybe Bernhardt Sac hard to see on tv angle -0.8
4 3:26 Late in Shot clock ball into paint to Shaq who goes up and Divac makes block from behind for jump ball call Call Yes Bavetta Sac on replay Bill: that's a terrific play by Divac. Bad toss on jump ball by Bavetta helps Sacramento gain possession
4 3:06 Webber offensive foul…huge call as he makes the shot but wiped out. Horry moving on the play flops and gets the whistle although Webber leans in Call Maybe Bernhardt Lal before replay Bill: and this is a terrible call. On seeing replay Bill: Webber has this all the way…look at his feet…on the outside of Robert Horry's -1.25
4 2:58 Non call as Webber hits arm of Horry who loses control of ball No Call Wrong Delaney Sac …but foul on Divac moments later so no cost to lal 0
4 2:56 Divac loose ball foul Call Yes Delaney Lal Bill: Adelman is beyond belief here. Steve: but Horry was fouled on that play by Chris Webber (as replay shows) when he brings the ball across he rakes his arm
4 2:40 Christie pass deflected OB Kings retain possession Call Yes Delaney? Sac
4 2:34 Foul on Kobe as Bibby dribbles on switch. No FT but <4 secs left on shot clock at time of foul Call Yes Bernhardt Sac on replay Steve: clearly a reach across
4 2:28 Webber missed fg airball while double teamed with no call with Horry defending and Kobe on double No Call Maybe Bavetta Lal hard to see on tv but to miss so badly is suspicious and Webber looked to Bavetta for whistle -0.6
4 2:16 O'Neal fouled on post entry pass by Funderburke Call Yes Bavetta Lal bad position on call by Bavetta? But replay looks like there was sufficient contact for the call
4 2:06 Funderburke fouled by Shaq Call Yes Bavetta Sac obvious call
4 1:54 Kobe drives to hoop along baseline and gets foul called on Christie with Webber coming over for block on help defense Call Prob Bavetta Lal replay Bill: Bibby cannot believe it and falls to the ground saying what is happening here. Webber had a great block on the play. I'm not sure where the foul is other than Kobe jumping into defenders who are backing up. Steve: Christie opened up the baseline and now he's riding Kobe the entire way. Once Kobe goes in the air that call is not going in the favor of Christie. 0.5
4 1:37 Fox fouled on defensive rebound by Funderburke Call Yes Bavetta Lal Obvious bad foul
4 1:27 Bibby fouled by Fisher Call Yes Bavetta Sac Steve: an impossible cover for Derek Fisher. Caught reaching in (?) More body contact than arm contact to me.
4 1:15 Fox fouled by Turkoglu in paint with heavy contact Call Yes Bavetta Lal Steve: he's reaching and trying to slap the ball away
4 0:52 Shaq makes basket with some minor contact by Webber with no call for the and1 option No Call Yes Bernhardt Sac
4 0:43 No call of foul when Bibby goes baseline for missed fg…MB wants call No Call Maybe Delaney Lal -0.8
4 0:20 Blocking foul on Fox as Turkoglu moves in left corner Call Yes Bavetta Sac Steve: Fox trying to get what he thought was going to be the game winning play but instead got the blocking foul
4 0:19 Intentional Foul on Kobe by Christie Call Intentional All
4 0:12 Non call on accidental forearm to chin by Kobe trying to break free of Bibby to catch inbounds pass No Call Maybe All Lal Bibby also at fault for grabbing Kobe 0.5
4 0:11 Intentional Foul on Kobe by Christie Call Intentional All
4 0:02 Intentional Foul on Horry by Turkoglu Call Intentional All

So that's my take on the officiating at the specific play level, but perhaps you saw it different? Send in your comments, including any disagreements with my judgement... How would you call it?

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