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The NBA Research Program from 82games.com

We're sitting on a ton of fresh data for the NBA, but there's only so much time in a day -- we have a list of research projects we want to look at that now easily numbers in the hundreds. We also know there's an amazing amount of NBA analysis talent out there in the world, just looking for an opportunity to get their hands on the necessary data to showcase their original thinking.

The solution then seems simple: launch an "NBA Research Program" that provides data to the best statistical analysis proposals in return for an article to run on 82games that details the findings.

The best of both worlds: we get to address many of the pressing statistical questions sooner than we would otherwise, you get an outlet and exposure for your dreams of being a high profile NBA analyst.

How it works:
You submit a written proposal to us for an original research project relating to the NBA. We'll review the proposals and for those we accept provide the necessary data/stats. You then proceed with the research, write up your findings into an article form, and if it looks interesting, we'll publish it on the front page of the site, with your name and photo!

Proposals should include:

  1. The topic/idea you want to pursue and what you hope to discover/learn
  2. A specific list of any data you will need from 82games to conduct the research
  3. Estimated timeframe for completing the research
  4. Any bio/background information that might be relevant
We're not sure what to expect in terms of the volume of submissions, but some general guidelines include:
  • Proposals should be original and cover new ground as opposed to being rehashes or slight variations on something already published on 82games
  • You don't need to be overly ambitious, we're not expecting the "ultimate player rating system"
  • Please submit only one or at most two proposals -- send us your best idea, the one you are most passionate about, rather than a laundry list of lots of subjects that could be investigated
  • Don't send us attachments or formal documents. Rather in a few paragraphs within an email, tell us about the subject, why you think it could be meaningful, the stats you'd need, and anything about your skills in writing, statistics, etc that makes you the ideal person to take on the project. Links to past work are of course fine.
Got it? Sounds good? Then think up something and drop us a line at props@82games.com

Please note there is no compensation in the event we publish your research article on the site, but given there are highly influential people in the NBA stopping by every day, it's safe to say that this is an excellent chance to build your credibility in the inner NBA circles!

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