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23-24 Regular Season
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Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics
Brooklyn Nets
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
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Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers
Los Angeles Clippers
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Memphis Grizzlies
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves
New Orleans Pelicans
New York Knicks
Oklahoma City Thunder
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia 76ers
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trail Blazers
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs
Toronto Raptors
Utah Jazz
Washington Wizards

Player Ratings
Clutch Stats
"Winning Time" stats
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Winning Time
While we invented the "Clutch stats" definition the NBA later adopted as its own, we are now partial to our new "WINNING TIME" numbers...

...Sortable numbers for the 4th quarter/OT when the game is within 10 pts

Raw Plus/Minus
(Winning Time)

+160 -- Paul George
+158 -- Caldwell-Pope
+150 -- Jokic

"Simple" Player Ratings
While we don't believe much in single number player ratings, the "82games Simple" rating gives a quick read on how a player is doing with his team this season...the leaders?

+19.3 -- Antetokounmpo
+19.0 -- Embiid* (only 32% of Min played)
+18.5 -- Jokic
+17.7 -- Doncic
+17.0 -- Gilgeous-Alexander

Team Won-Lost Pages
Which teams are kings of close games? The Lakers (24-9), Mavericks (23-9), and Nuggets (26-14) lead the way.

Minnesota has the best comeback percentage when down 10+ at some point with an 16-19 record, while the Knicks are 45-4 when they get a 10+ point lead.

Clutch Stats
Sortable per minute clutch stats...several players are making a lot of noise in the clutch this season...

Points per 36 minutes
(Clutch Time)

47.7 -- Curry
45.8 -- Embiid
39.4 -- Irving

Team Won-Lost Responsibility
Numbers looking at game by game performances for a team that assign responsibility for each game's outcome to either the offense, the defense, or both sides of the ball.


At 82games we let the numbers speak for themselves most of the time. We sure crank out enough of them! Indeed we see ourselves primarily as a resource for the NBA community at large, whether you're a fan, a coach, an agent, a player, a sportswriter, a broadcaster, or a team executive.

Stat of the Day:
OG Anunoby has had 23 positive plus/minus games and zero negative ones (23-0) since arriving with the Knicks

NBA Playoffs Futility 2014-2023
Trivia time: which three NBA teams last won a playoff series TWENTY years ago?

...and which team has the most 30-39 wins seasons in the last decade?

Competitive Balance in Pro Sports Leagues:
how does the NBA look?

Updating for the 2014-2023 seasons across the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and EPL. How does the NBA look in comparison to other pro leagues in competitive balance?

Classic Research Articles
Dan Rosenbaum:
- how NBA players help their teams win
- Individual Defensive Ratings
- Picking the difference makers

Game Charting Team:
Ball Movement/Dribbling (04/12)
Contested Rebounds (04/06)
Floor Locations (03/27)
The Value of a Good Pass (03/20)

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